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Nachlas Har Chabad Sem


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Nachlas Har Chabad was founded 35 years ago with the Rebbes holy Brocha and directives.  Its initials bear the name of the Rebbe's mother, Chana, Nachlas Har Chabad. A few hundred Anash families live here, and it is rapidly growing. There is a warm, family-like feeling amongst the people.


Nachlas Har Chabad is located in Kiryat Malachi, a quiet town, approximately 50 minutes from Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Comfortable public transportation is available to many cities from the Central Bus Station located a few minutes away.


Campus Features:

     Beautiful suites; two girls per room, private bathrooms and showers

     Fitness equipment

     Laundry facilities

     Students Lounge with kitchen facilities, library and video

     Hot and cold drinks, refreshments available 24 hours daily

     Large classrooms

     Deluxe dining room

     Commercial kitchen on premises

     Three delicious meals daily with nutritious menu plan

     Beis Medrash \ Shul


The following facilities are within short proximity to the Seminary:

*Post Office   *Grocery store  *Banking  *Medical services  *Stores   *Outdoor swimming pool  *Gym

Unique to the N.H.Ch. Seminary:

- All facilities are centrally air conditioned  - and heated

- Complete security system covering the entire campus

- Beautifully landscaped grounds